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Christian Bernard Singer, Elegy for a Path II, 2022

Christian Bernard Singer, Elegy for a Path, 2022, No. 9 Gardens

The Green Cube Gallery


To support artists who make work about and of the natural world as a way to explore new ways of relating to the land.



  • To bring awareness of, and support to, the artists whose work is about and of the land.

  • To always put artists first in every aspect of our work.

  • To minimize our collective footprint in the way we operate.

  • To support the visionary, the creative, the imaginative and the innovative.

  • To celebrate multiple voices, experiences and perspectives.

  • To play in ways that make new and unexpected things happen!

The Green Cube Gallery is a Canadian on-line gallery established to support artists whose practice is about and of the environment, to the art market.


Given the frequency and severity of weather events happening globally, suggesting that we have truly entered a new stage of Climate Change, the Green Cube Gallery seeks to present artists who can re-awaken our intuitive knowledge of interconnection with the natural world that sustains us. There is currently no other gallery in North America exclusively dedicated to this area of art making.


Artists have a long history of showing us new ways of seeing, being, and doing. Whether working in traditional media or incorporating new technologies in response to scientific research in the life sciences, such as bio art or interactivity, our artists re-frame and re-contextualize our perceptions of the natural world, and how we are interconnected with it. Their works range from exploring non-hierarchical relationships with nature, leading us to responsible and equitable choices that can to turn the situation around, and quietly witnessing what is endangered or has been lost (both human and environmental).


Discover a diverse community of artists, each celebrated within their respective fields, including fine art, fine craft, installation, new media, traditional media, ephemeral works, environmental interventions, bio-art, ethical land art, queer ecologies and more-than-human perspectives.


In addition to the Gallery’s online presence, we will work with public galleries and artist collectives and other partners to create pop-up exhibitions. For some of these exhibitions, we will be seeking support to pay exhibition fees and/or commission artists to create new works and produce exhibition catalogues with texts by curators, art historians, other artists, and environmental thought leaders. No matter the project, the artists we work with, always come first.


As well, we have established an annual Writer-in-Residence program in which writers and poets will create new works about environmental themes and Climate Change. Our 2024 Resident Writer is Michael Boughn.


We are starting small but have big ideas that will become manifest as the gallery evolves.  Please support us by purchasing work, donating money, and/or connecting us to visionaries who can help us make more of this possible.


The brilliant writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit, who coined the hashtag #NotTooLate, says: “Imagination is a superpower. We have to believe the world can be different, and then we have to act on it.” Ultimately, we are here because it’s #NotTooLate for the planet and not too soon for our artists.

About the Director/Curator

Christian Bernard Singer is a Canadian eco-artist, independent curator, teacher and writer. Often working with ephemeral materials from nature, his work explores consciousness, place, and time-passing. Over the last 25 years, his works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Canada and the United States and published in 20 catalogues and books.


Singer was Senior Curator of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery and Curator of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (both museums), and Director/Curator of Rouge Contemporary and Curator and Associate Director of Lehman Leskiw Fine Art. Fluently bilingual, Singer has curated nearly 100 exhibitions of national and international artists, including three major retrospectives. His writings about art have been published internationally and he has lectured throughout Canada, parts of the United States, and elsewhere. He maintains an arts consulting practice to arts organizations and collectors, and is a seasoned grants writer.


Singer holds an AOCAD from the Ontario College of Art and Design and an MFA from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Since 2006, he has been an instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U), teaching a number of courses from ceramics and bronze-casting, to studio-seminars, with a recent concentration on Life Studies, a cross-disciplinary studio program that incorporates nature, technology, biology, ecology and sustainability. Singer has served as a Peer Review Committee Member for the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, and is presently Past-chair of Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries (GOG), a not-for-profit organization that advances and empowers the public art gallery sector in Ontario.

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