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Snow/Tree Arbre/Neige

Claire Brunet

Snow/Tree (Arbre/Neige), 2023

Bronze (White Patina) 

H. 15cm x W. 11cm x L. 10 cm

$7,500 Please inquire for shipping information

Claire Brunet’s work delves into the ecological impact of humans on the environment. Her work transcends the mere observation of physical changes to encompass the broader influence on identities and actions. 

In her Snow/Tree (Arbre/Neige) series, Brunet aims to capture the ephemeral state of living nature. The Snow/Tree project attempts to conceptually express a fleeting moment in time—a transient state of being that conveys ephemeral qualities. The ephemeral quality of the landscape along with the ghostly visual aspect of a sapling, becomes a means for expressing a profound sensitivity embedded in the ever-evolving context of time. 

The sapling laden with snow, exposes an unexpected architectonic feature that hints at a man-made element—an intentional inclusion while working with 3D digital technologies. Here, Brunet blurs the boundaries between the real and the manipulated, prompting viewers to reconsider their understanding of the world in the face of evolving technologies and environmental shifts. 

Snow/Tree serves as a poignant reminder of the unprecedented changes in weather patterns, a consequence of the pervasive force of Climate Change. The haunting beauty of the sapling blanketed with snow signifies more than a picturesque scene—it symbolizes a profound shift in our environment. As winter undergoes transformations, Snow/Tree becomes a compelling metaphor for the irreversible changes we are witnessing, inviting contemplation on the profound and lasting impact of human activity on the world we inhabit.

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