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Marie Côté

Le puits du ciel (The Crater of the Sky), 2016

Porcelain, pigments blues, glaze

14.4” dia x 5.5” high (36.5 cm x 14 cm)

$1,000 CDN (Please inquire for shipping)

Marie Côté’s artistic practice is divided into both pottery and sculpture – both feeding her imagination where the hollow becomes a container of stories ripe for the telling. She says: “the source of any form is a void – like a pot needing to be filled.” her work seeks to reveal the complex experience that links an object to space. While the importance of centring and forming shape is transferred to her sculpture, the artist draws our attention to the play of light and shadow, of visual perceptions, and more recently, to the immersive and experiential qualities of her works’ interior spaces.


Le puits du ciel is inspired by similar works that Côté did for a visual and musical installation entitled, Lepuits, in collaboration with composer Olivier Girouard. Côté created a piece that resembles a loudspeaker – a device for transmitting and receiving – blurring the boundaries between art and its surroundings. Whether it transmits or receives, is a question that remains open.


Côté started collaborating with musicians in 2005 and says: “since then, I realised that my works all have their own voice – a note that makes the material vibrate.” Here, she explores the immateriality of interior spaces, where sounds resonate, honing in with sensitivity to their environmental resonance and sensory dimensions. Whether one tries to hear it or not, the very shape of the loudspeaker suggests that there is a sound, existing somewhere between the depth of the well and the blue of the sky.

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