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Kathleen Morris

Imbibe Like Roots: Iris, 2022

Hemp, linen, and paper yarns; iris leaves hand-manipulated weaves
31” x 60”

$1,600 CDN (Please inquire for shipping)

Canadian textile artist Kathleen Morris intricately weaves narratives reflecting her journeys near and far. Her pieces are evocative chronicles, capturing walks through meticulous incorporation of preserved flowers, leaves, grasses, and seed heads. These organic elements, embodying life cycles and seasonal shifts, fuse with her textiles, embodying nature's rhythms. Through each thread, Morris explores her profound link to the "more than human world" and reciprocity with the living landscape.


Imbibe Like Roots: Iris is one of three works inspired by a quote attributed to St. Francis Assisi: "Our hands imbibe like roots, so I place them on what is beautiful in this world." The passage alludes to the body as a primary site for experiencing the world and a sense of reciprocity with the living landscape, two central themes that drive her work.


Fronds of wild iris separate segments of landscape of woven hemp and paper threads. Each is distinct but united, framed by undulating contours of land mass. The work can be viewed topographically as a series of amorphous puzzle pieces or inspected closely. A micro view zeroes in on patterns of nature: the waves, undulations, cracks, fractals, and symmetries found in the more-than-human world. Rendered in the language of thread, the work is assembled from the movements of meandering lines, the understated nuances of a single twisting thread.

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