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Mushroom Panini

Clare Ross

Mushroom Panini (from the Forest Food series), 2022

Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle archival watercolour rag (Ed. 1/1)

36” x 60”

$3,200 CDN (Please inquire for shipping)

Canadian artist Clare Ross deconstructs and reconstructs objects from nature in a unique practice, sparking dialogues about beauty and our interconnected role within the environment.

The Forest Food series by Clare Ross blurs the lines between reality and artistry. In this body of work, Ross carefully explores the very foundation upon which forests thrive – the forest floor. It is a profound examination of the nurturing ground, the bedrock of life, which holds and sustains these ecosystems. She meticulously arranges various elements of plant matter, including mosses, leaves, and mushrooms, in a manner that remarkably resembles the delectable and indulgent images of human food. The images are seductive, awakening our senses and appetites, drawing us into an enchanting realm where the forest's bounty takes on a tantalizing allure.

Behind this visually enticing façade, Ross skilfully reminds us that these seemingly sumptuous representations are, in reality, sustenance for the forest floor. They play a vital role in nourishing the very trees and creatures that populate these intricate ecosystems, underscoring the interconnectedness of all life within these forests.

In essence, Clare Ross's artistic exploration beautifully marries the visual and the ecological, beckoning us to revere and protect the invaluable Old Growth Forests while encouraging a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of life that thrives beneath the forest canopy.

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